Apple no longer lists applications as “free” if they have in-app purchases

Among some of the modifications that came with the release of iOS 8.1.1, it seems that Apple has officially replaced the naming of applications and games in its App Store: where before it said “free (free)”, now it says “get (get) ” Considering the amount of “freemium” titles that incessantly beat the app stores in recent years (apps and games that require additional purchases within the application itself to be able to unlock more features).

It might seem that this decision of Apple It answers ethical questions, that the company is simply trying to be more politically correct. Nothing is further from reality: this new movement places the App Store ‘in order’, in accordance with the new laws established by the European Commission, which requires applications to notify customers of their “true costs”.

So, what about Google? In July they welcomed the changes with open arms (or that was the impression), even committing to eliminating from the “free” lists those applications that contained in-app purchases by the end of September.

While free applications on Google Play now reveal whether or not they have in-app purchases (just below the installation button) in the application lists, when browsing through categories in the Google Play Store it is still not indicated how to actually “Free” is an application or game until we click.

Everything indicates that it will not be long until Google adopts a more similar model to Apple. It is simply impossible to know when it will happen.

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